Marty Manalastas
35th Anniversary Reunion

It's amazing to think that only a year ago that we just started to plan this reunion. Time has gone by so fast that now this reunion is already a part of our storied history. But the memory will linger on as we recall the cherished moments of our lives that this reunion has brought about. I hope that the opportunity of renewed bonds of friendship that this reunion has instilled in all of you shall follow your footsteps wherever you may go.

On behalf of the Officers, Boards Members and Committee Members, I would like to thank all the people who gave their support and offered their time and effort in making our reunion a great success. Special thanks to our sponsors and those who generously gave monetary contributions so that our less fortunate batchmates could attend for free. Thank you to those who travelled from the farthest corners of the world who came and joined us to celebrate the bond of friendship we shared during our reunion. I also thank my wife and my family for their understanding and support during the very difficult and trying period of planning and organization of this reunion. Most of all I Thank God for giving me the blessings of health, good fortune and the honored privelege of serving you all as President of our HAC High School Batch 1975's 35th Anniversary Reunion.